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Foundation Painting

Gosford Regional Gallery

Each week students will have the opportunity to work on the fundamental skills necessary to develop their painting practice. Each weeks topic builds upon the previous week. Students can choose to work on their own projects or are given exercises appropriate to suit them individually. This class is the ideal foundation for anyone wishing to later join Jon’s full day class, “Develop Expression in your Painting.” Jon introduces the idea that painting is a non verbal communication through which the artist expresses his or her self. Helping the student find their own particular voice is particularly important. Students will be introduced to line work, tonal values, negative shapes and colour theory and learn a simple approach to colour mixing. By the end of eight weeks students will have a greater understanding of the basics required for painting and feel more confident about tackling a work of their own.

Materials List

Getting started: Pen/pencil, A4/A3 visual diary

Required items: 2xA1 oil sketch paper, 2xA1 ca grain ,2xA1 cartridge paper, Various scraps of coloured paper, Glue stick, Rule, Scissors, Willow charcoal, Kneadable rubber, Palette knife 1053, Paint rags/paper towels, Palette, Clips

Matisse acrylic paints
Primary yellow, Yellow deep, Brilliant alizarin/ or rose, Cadmium red, Phthalo blue, Ultramarine blue, Titanium white
Brushes - 2x hog hair paint brushes short bright or filbert #12, 2x hog hair paint brushes short bright or filbert #4/6
Additional - A plywood board to suit A2 size paper, Disposable palette"

Term 1
05 Feb 2024 to 25 Mar 2024
12:30pm - 3:30pm

Gosford Regional Gallery

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$270.00 - $285.00


Must be booked in advance. We recommend booking at least four weeks before the event.

Jon Ellis