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  • Sunshine Mosaics

    Sunshine Mosaics

    Sunshine Mosaics is the Creation of Central Coast local Lisa Bentley. Lisa has worked in Health on the Central Coast for the last 40 years and has found that art has provided her with a creative outlet as well as a stress relief during her downtime after a busy week at work. Lisa has completed various art and craft making courses over the years stemming back to her university days where she studied a Fine Arts Degree in Newcastle. Lisa has studied in Fabric Design, Natural Illustration and Majored in Printing; etching, as well as completing interest studies in watercolours, calligraphy, photography, enamilling, jewellrey making and beading. For the past few years Lisa has explored her interest in glass mosaics and glass fusing and has enjoyed working with different colours, patterns, shapes and textures.

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  • Aleida Pullar

    Aleida Pullar

    Aleida has lived at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast since 1993. She has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Newcastle University. Aleida's work moves between paint, clay, printing and textiles, and at times a combinations of these. She loves using the potter’s wheel to throw forms to be used as containers for food or plants. Aleidas inspiration comes from the long tradition of ceramics that is part of our culture. European majolica, early Islamic ware, Chinese and Japanese traditions of clay and printmaking form a strong part of her visual vocabulary, as does Australian painting. Using almost ink like cobalt oxide and brushes she enjoys exploring elements of landscape on her surfaces. Aleida works mostly with porcelain clay, and sometimes with a stoneware body that gives flushes of iron oxide. Most of her work is fired to 1300⁰C in a gas kiln.

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  • Anniss Seymour

    Anniss Seymour

    Anniss Seymour has been making pottery on and off for over 30 years and on retiring to the Central Coast in 2001 she decided to return to pottery full time.

    Anniss loves working with colour so her work is highly decorated with bright underglazes, glazed with a clear glaze, then a third firing is done to add the gold lustre. This lustre is 12% gold and safe to put in the dishwasher.

    Anniss started making Japanese Kimono’s after being inspired by a trip to Japan where she was able to see authentic Kimonos first hand

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  • Jeltje Jansen-Buijtendorp

    Jeltje Jansen-Buijtendorp

    15 years ago Jeltjie restarted her creative journey focussing on ceramics. She works from a small backyard studio in Mount Colah and shares her enthusiasm for clay by teaching adults in the workshop at the Central Coast Potters Society. Occasionally she teaches privately both wheel and hand building.

    Jeltje grew up in the Netherlands and came to Australia in 1998. her work is inspired by the beautiful colours and textures of the Australian landscape inspired and her Dutch Frisian heritage.

    ""The beauty of a found feather inspires me to create a vessel that celebrates that little treasure. A generous sharing of knowledge inspires me to integrate an old basket making technique with clay. The loan of a spinning wheel inspires me to find ways to combine wool and textiles with glorious mud. Clay is a very versatile medium and it gives me the opportunity to let my mind wonder and the freedom to create and express myself.

    For me it is important pieces have a function and are visually attractive and tactile. Because I prefer to make individual objects, I like to embrace the little imperfections that come with the process of creating by hand"".

    Recent exhibitions (2022): Re use, Recycle and Rethink Exhibition as part of the Sydney Craft Week in The Watch House, Balmain. Guest exhibitor for the Arts and Crafts Society of NSW, October 2022 4 Play with Clay The Shop Gallery, Glebe. Collaboration of 4 different Ceramic Artist, June 2022 Botanica Gosford Community Art Gallery, May 2022.


    Instagram: jeltjesceramics

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  • Karen Krebs

    Karen Krebs

    "I feel clay is an ideal substance to work with – it’s very forgiving and I am limited only by my imagination and ability". Karen is a resident of the Central Coast who has loved working with clay for many years.
    She enjoys working with all types of different clays, experimenting with glazes and all the varied methods of firing.
    Karen completed her Certificate 3 in Ceramics at Penrith TAFE and my Diploma in Ceramics at Hornsby TAFE and is also a member of the Central Coast Potters society.

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  • Jacque Tremain

    Jacque Tremain

    "I have an Expressionistic style with a love and passion for colour, texture and shapes found in nature especially flowers and I love putting a smile on people‘s faces with my bright & colourful artwork"
    Jacque finished her Art Degree majoring in Ceramics and Sculpture at the Phillip Institute in Melbourne where she won the Walker Ceramics student award in 1982.
    She also completed a Diploma in Ceramics at Brookvale TAFE in 1990 and started painting and exhibiting in 2004. After Jacque moved to Toukley in 2013 she continued working and in 2022 won 1st prize in the Sculpture award Toukley Art Gallery

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  • Sandy Robinson

    Sandy Robinson

    I enjoy how artisan ceramics weave into our daily lives as beloved pieces decorating our homes and functional ware that is a pleasure to touch and use.

    I am passionate about all aspects of working with clay. I hand build and throw on a wheel - porcelain, stoneware and grogged raku clays and fire in electric and gas kilns. I am often inspired by firing outdoors using smoke as decoration on white clay. I like the contrast of black and white but also the beautiful copper and turquoise lustres created by starving the glaze of oxygen. I also like to decorate with decals, stencils and screen prints.

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