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  • Amanda Powell

    Amanda Powell

    "I love colour! My art allows me to extend this passion and create quirky, happy paintings useing the pastel medium"
    Amandas cards are made from photos of her original works. She has been painting in watercolours for 20 years however now find the pastel medium gives the brilliant colour bursts that work best with her quirky subject matter. Her inspiration is drawn from local coastal scenes and from photographs taken on her overseas travels. Amanda's greatest inspiration is from the fabulous art of David Hockney and Picasso who always see the world just a bit differently..

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  • Bridget Acreman

    Bridget Acreman

    Hello, I’m Bridget, the illustrator and creator behind Stray Leaves.

    Creating art makes me a better person. I adore making fun, bright and happy illustrations that bring people joy! Nothing makes me happier than seeing people smile from my work.

    The name Stray Leaves originates from my family home in Bundanoon NSW. With a large number of trees in the backyard, and a short walk to the national park, my childhood was full of outdoor adventures and nature appreciation. This is a huge inspiration for my work and sparked my love for native Australian flora and fauna.

    Now based in Woy Woy NSW, I am constantly inspired by the beautiful bushland and ocean that surrounds me.
    From this love sparked my passion for the environment and conservation of this beautiful world. I believe we can all do our part and our art doesn’t have to cost the earth. That’s why I choose to use recycled and responsibly sourced materials in all my work.
    When I’m not illustrating stationery and giftware, I am illustrating children’s books. Everything and everyone has a beautiful story that deserves to be told and I love being able to help bring them into the world.


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  • Katerina Apale

    Katerina Apale

    Katerina Apale nurtured her artistic abilities at the Art Academy of Latvia before participating in an exchange program at the Berlin University of the Arts (Erasmus). In Latvia she completed her Master's degree in Fine Arts in 2008.
    Katerina's move to Australia in 2014 sparked a new phase in her art. The stunning Australian landscapes inspired her diverse paintings, which range from vibrant to subtle, and encompass both ornamental and realistic styles, showcasing her wide range of creative influences.
    Since 2002, she has consistently participated in national, local, and international exhibitions.




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