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  • Sunshine Mosaics

    Sunshine Mosaics

    Sunshine Mosaics is the Creation of Central Coast local Lisa Bentley. Lisa has worked in Health on the Central Coast for the last 40 years and has found that art has provided her with a creative outlet as well as a stress relief during her downtime after a busy week at work. Lisa has completed various art and craft making courses over the years stemming back to her university days where she studied a Fine Arts Degree in Newcastle. Lisa has studied in Fabric Design, Natural Illustration and Majored in Printing; etching, as well as completing interest studies in watercolours, calligraphy, photography, enamilling, jewellrey making and beading. For the past few years Lisa has explored her interest in glass mosaics and glass fusing and has enjoyed working with different colours, patterns, shapes and textures.

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  • Nicole De Mestre

    Nicole De Mestre

    Nicole is a local artist who rescues forgotten beads from all over the country to create one-off pieces. Each necklace brings together the combined histories of the women who wore the original beads to express their individuality and beauty.
    You could find: Aunt Beryl’s pink crystals, Dorothy’s amber from her African trip and/or Lillian’s Venetion glass beads brought back by her best friend.
    Please enjoy wearing this unique fragment of Australia’s suburban history. Nicole can be found either in her overcrowded studio or out on Central Coast streets rifling through kerbside pick-up piles searching for inspiration. She creates an eclectic range of artistic works, all inspired by environmental concerns and linked through the use of locally-sourced recycled materials and found objects. Her assemblages reflect a curious attachment to times past and things lost, an increasing frustration with the prolific waste of modern society and a healthy obsession with liquid nails. After completing a Visual Arts degree, Nicole continued fine arts studies at TAFE. She has had three solo exhibitions, regularly exhibits, conducts workshops, and has been a finalist in both North Sydney and Gosford Art Prizes. She has also exhibited in many sculpture prizes, including Woollahra Small Sculpture, Sawmillers, Sculpture at Scenic World,¬¬¬ and Sculpture in the Vineyards.




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  • Virginia Riley

    Virginia Riley

    In 1993 Virginia Riley began her handmade jewellery business from her tiny home studio in Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia.
    It grew to become one of the leading suppliers of fashion jewellery in Australia, stocked in over 140 stores, including her own boutique in the historic Strand Arcade Sydney.

    Her current jewellery collections are now available at the Gosford Regional Gallery and online. Choose from her classic Swarovski crystal range her brand was built upon to her more recent eclectic ranges designed with sustainability in mind which include earrings made from used coffee pods, disposable coffee cups, natural items such as leaves and flowers and recycled found items.
    These ranges weave together over 25 years experience designing jewellery and gathering Swarovski crystals, found objects, fabrics, creative ideas and vintage finds from all over the world.


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  • Bridget Acreman

    Bridget Acreman

    Hello, I’m Bridget, the illustrator and creator behind Stray Leaves.

    Creating art makes me a better person. I adore making fun, bright and happy illustrations that bring people joy! Nothing makes me happier than seeing people smile from my work.

    The name Stray Leaves originates from my family home in Bundanoon NSW. With a large number of trees in the backyard, and a short walk to the national park, my childhood was full of outdoor adventures and nature appreciation. This is a huge inspiration for my work and sparked my love for native Australian flora and fauna.

    Now based in Woy Woy NSW, I am constantly inspired by the beautiful bushland and ocean that surrounds me.
    From this love sparked my passion for the environment and conservation of this beautiful world. I believe we can all do our part and our art doesn’t have to cost the earth. That’s why I choose to use recycled and responsibly sourced materials in all my work.
    When I’m not illustrating stationery and giftware, I am illustrating children’s books. Everything and everyone has a beautiful story that deserves to be told and I love being able to help bring them into the world.


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  • Diane Burley

    Diane Burley

    Hi My name is Diane Burley. I have had an interest in creating craft since my mother introduced me to knitting making my first garment when I was 8. I persued my interest making garments for my family and friends. After my retirement I joined the Creative Craft group displaying and selling my creations on craft days and exhibitions at the Regional Gallery. I am probably known for my decorated tea cosies winning the Morpeth tea cosy competition and the Lions Club Tea cosy Expo at Woy Woy. In recent years I have turned my hand to other things. One of them being working with Alcohol ink making jewellery and tile coasters. As a member of the Arty Crafters group my work is now part of regular exhibitions in the Community Gallery.

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  • Carolyn Martin

    Carolyn Martin

    Carolyn moved to the Central Coast from her home in the Blue Mountains in 2011.

    Jewellery and its endless variety has always fascinated her, with her aim to create wearable, unique pieces Carolyn utilises diverse materials; fibre, paper, wire, beads and found objects such as sea glass and a variety of techniques. Currently, she mainly works with fused glass and wire. The process of transforming raw materials to finished object is endlessly fascinating.

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  • Dhiiyaan Art

    Dhiiyaan Art

    Dhiiyaan Art is the creation of Jessica Hopcroft, a proud Aboriginal woman who loves sharing and embracing her culture. Jess is happily married with two beautiful daughters living on Wonnarua country (Maitland, NSW). She was born and raised on Awabakal land with her ancestral family having connections with the Barkindji, Ngemba & Kamilaroi areas of NSW. Her style is predominantly a contemporary take on traditional elements. Each individual piece depicts the beauty of nature and its elements. "I draw inspiration from the beautiful country on which we live, as well as creating art that is reflective of family, community and belonging". Dhiiyaan Art is an Aboriginal art business that sells artwork, clothing and merchandise which started during the COVID lockdowns of 2020 as a family collaboration with my father Peter Turk and his wife Samantha Turk who are based in Alice Springs, NT. Dhiiyaan Art is a certified proud Indigenous Art Code member with Membership number 5758


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  • Koorie Circle

    Koorie Circle

    Laura Thompson is a Gunditjmara woman and artist living and working in Melbourne. The designer and maker behind The Koorie Circle, Laura creates contemporary Aboriginal designed and inspired earrings. Some of which are sourced from sustainable timber and hand painted and finished.

    Her collection has developed from a desire to make pieces that tell a story, celebrating the culture, history and identity of Aboriginal Australia. Each piece bears the mark of its maker and is made to be worn with pride.

    We have a new shop which is located on the lands of the Wurundjeri people in Northcote, Melbourne.

    You can read more about Laura and The Koorie Circle on Kalinya Communications Arts Blog. The Koorie Circle is a 100% Aboriginal owned and led family business and is registered at Kinaway the Victorian Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce and is a member of Supply Nation.

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  • Diana Boyd

    Diana Boyd

    Art has been a constant for as long as I can remember. I see the world through artist eyes and I can’t help but think about how I can paint, draw or reproduce what I see. I mix colours in my head and I’m constantly thinking about my next project.

    After studying Fine Art at the Hunter Institute NSW and at the Pilbara Institute WA during the 1980’s-2000 I gained the confidence to showcase my work through solo and group exhibitions. 

    My husband and I relocated back to the Port Hedland in 2010 til 2014 to magnificent surroundings, colours and textures of the Pilbara in North-Western Australia. Returning  home to Lake Macquarie in 2015 was a stark contrast to the rugged outback but was a delight to my artistic senses and I felt I was really seeing our beautiful coastline for the first time. The contrast and harmony of both environments set the scene for my work.  

    Around 2011, I started exploring the options of assembled work on paper and timber; this allowed me to express myself through mixed media and I loved the transition from 2d to the 3d form.

    My current pallet is collected, found, borrowed and recycled. Fragments of the environment are created by deconstructing, manipulating and reinventing the materials.  The combination of these materials with design elements such as form, line and repetition allow me to produce intimate works which invites the viewer to look beyond the obvious and appreciate the beauty in the materials.

    My work invites you to take a look into the world that inspires me. Each piece is unique and united by a common thread; the love of the environment in which I live.

    Follow me on Instagram @seeyasista

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  • Origami People

    Origami People

    Michael Clonaris is an origami artist (origamist) born in 1956, based in Sydney, Australia. He has been a practicing paper artist since 1984.

    Michael has been involved in teaching , demonstrating, creating and exhibiting origami for government and business clients in Australia and overseas.

    A more detailed resume can be found in

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  • Jayden Andrews

    Jayden Andrews

    I am a 22 year old artist and photographer who loves to spend time crafting and creating new things. I am currently going to university and there I hope to gain a bachelor degree. Tea is a great study and work tool that I use every day, it is a part of me that I will always be thankful for. I hope to showcase my art as well as show what I have learned through business and life lessons.  

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  • Karen Weekes

    Karen Weekes

    Karen Weekes’s lifelong career was as a Primary school teacher with a major focus on all things creative.
    This encouraged her to earn a degree in Expressive and Performing Arts and dual certificates in Ceramics at TAFE.
    30 years ago her love of the Central Coast prompted her to buy a house at The Entrance where her family had holidayed since 1938.
    An interest in fashion provided inspiration to design unique jewellery featuring freshwater pearls and semi precious stones which was available at the Gallery shop for many years.
    This latest collection was inspired by the unique beauty of the sea.
    Created with freshwater pearls with gold and silver plated features they are a timeless reminder of the oceans wonders.

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