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Art has been a constant for as long as I can remember. I see the world through artist eyes and I can’t help but think about how I can paint, draw or reproduce what I see. I mix colours in my head and I’m constantly thinking about my next project.

After studying Fine Art at the Hunter Institute NSW and at the Pilbara Institute WA during the 1980’s-2000 I gained the confidence to showcase my work through solo and group exhibitions. 

My husband and I relocated back to the Port Hedland in 2010 til 2014 to magnificent surroundings, colours and textures of the Pilbara in North-Western Australia. Returning  home to Lake Macquarie in 2015 was a stark contrast to the rugged outback but was a delight to my artistic senses and I felt I was really seeing our beautiful coastline for the first time. The contrast and harmony of both environments set the scene for my work.  

Around 2011, I started exploring the options of assembled work on paper and timber; this allowed me to express myself through mixed media and I loved the transition from 2d to the 3d form.

My current pallet is collected, found, borrowed and recycled. Fragments of the environment are created by deconstructing, manipulating and reinventing the materials.  The combination of these materials with design elements such as form, line and repetition allow me to produce intimate works which invites the viewer to look beyond the obvious and appreciate the beauty in the materials.

My work invites you to take a look into the world that inspires me. Each piece is unique and united by a common thread; the love of the environment in which I live.

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