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06 July 2024 -
11 August 2024
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

The Makers Studio Central Coast | Dress Code: Behind the Seams

Ten artists from The Makers Studio Central Coast: Cheryl McCoy, Leah Bennetts, Therese Wilkins, Ruth Thompson, Glenice Ware, Janine Debenham, Carol Vesper, Lisa McArthur-Edwards, Emilia Krumm and Fiona Brandes

Step into the provocative world of Dress Code: Behind the Seams, where image becomes a powerful vehicle for exploring the intricacies of society. This captivating exhibition peels back the layers to reveal the hidden stories ‘behind the seams’. Delve into the complexities of societal norms and power structures to find unexpected cultural values. Discover how gender and expectations intertwine, transforming self-expression. These rich tapestries of life and times will instigate reflection on the environmental impact of fashion and our urgent need for change. Dress Code: Behind the Seams invites you to contemplate the threads that weave our world together, sparking conversations about identity, agency, and the unspoken language of clothing.

The Makers Studio Central Coast has grown in membership since April 2016 from an original membership of 13 artists. The studio, based in East Gosford, provides creative opportunities that engage the Central Coast community in a broad range of creative pursuits. The studio hosts international artists in printmaking, textile and fibre arts, and provides members with access to specialised equipment to learn an array of techniques and connect with other creatives.

Opening event: 6pm 5 July 2024. RSVP at

Image: Inside the studio of The Makers Studio Central Coast artist Leah Bennetts