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"Cathryn McEwen holds an M.Ed in Visual Arts and has been an exhibiting artist since the 1980’s. She has lectured in Visual Communication at the Design Centre, Enmore (1989 – 2005) and UTS (2003 – 2008) and trained visual art teachers at UTS from 2000 – 2002. Cathryn’s current work was selected recently for the Kennedy Prize, Lethbridge Art Prize, North Sydney Art Prize, Greenway Art Prize, Whitewall Gallery Art Prize, and Gosford Art Prize. McEwen is an active member of the art community on the Central Coast. She founded the Art Studios Cooperative in 2014 (producing 75 exhibitions in 4 years) and has been involved with the 5 Lands Artists Collective since 2012, helping to set up the 5 Lands Art Trail. Cathryn has been involved with the Gosford Regional Gallery since 2017 teaching painting and drawing, coordinating a vibrant workshop program, and initiating and managing the annual 20x20 Art Exhibition in partnership with the gallery. "

Serious Artist' Buisness with Cathryn McEwen / Understanding Visual Language with Cathryn McEwen